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  • Designed for advisory businesses only
  • Tells you what insurance you may need for your business
  • Takes 5 minutes to complete
  • No need to input your contact details unless you want us to source and recommend insurance quotes for you.
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What is the HealthCheck?

The HealthCheck provides information about 14 different risks and insurance policies that may be relevant to your business, and will only take five minutes of your time to complete.

It is designed for advisory businesses only, such as:

  • IT professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Business consultants
  • Virtual Assistants
  • HR professionals
  • Website designers
  • Architects and quantity surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Legal services
  • Event organisers

By following the journey and answering the list of questions as accurately as possible, you can find out what risks your business could be exposed to – helping you to tailor the cover to meet your needs.

This unique approach puts you in complete control of your business's risk management and insurance provision, and is designed to help and inform you – not sell to you! If you would like more advice and our help with finding the best quotes for you then please fill in your details at the end of the HealthCheck, if not then we hope you find the information we have provided useful.

Why did we create the HealthCheck?

Using SenseRisk’s HealthCheck platform will support your company in getting the insurance that fits you.

Emily Kenna - Director

”We want to be by your side in the process and we are committed to giving our clients the best outcome. We know insurance is a complex purchase and is not often clear, that’s why we want to go step-by-step with you to give you the most suitable cover.”

Emily Kenna ACII – Founder of Sense Risk Solutions

By partnering with us we aim to equip you with comprehensive risk knowledge and empower you to safeguard your business effectively in the future. With this valuable information, we can provide you with an accurate assessment of your insurance requirements. We understand that every business is unique, and by leveraging our expertise we ensure that your insurance coverage aligns with your specific needs.

What people are saying about our HealthCheck

Peter Quintana
Peter Quintana

Director, hgkc

The risk profile generated by the SenseRisk insurance HealthCheck is a simple and easy way to start exploring the insurances you might need for your business, and a great place to start the conversation with a SenseRisk Advisor.

Bayley HR
Emma Bayley

Bayley HR Associates

I found the HealthCheck Platform a great tool to use when looking to understand what risks my business my face and what insurances to consider, it was very informative.

As business owners we don’t always think of the bigger and wider picture of what is maybe required when setting up company/employer insurance.

Greg Dodimead
Greg Dodimead

Owner, Brand Affiniti

I thought the HealthCheck Platform was very helpful and it confirmed that I have the right level of cover in place with SenseRisk already; It also recommended others I may need in future.

The HealthCheck was user friendly and got me to consider scenarios of future growth within my business and the potential risks they could pose and the right level of cover to deal with those changes.

Rose Sellman-Leava
Rose Sellman-Leava

Director and Co-founder, Inclusive Futures CIC

Sense Risk and their HealthCheck platform have been incredibly useful to us and our new business. The platform breaks down everything you might want to think about when looking at insurance in a really simple way. As a new business owner, you have to wear so many hats, and so it’s helpful when you can pass something as important as insurance over to the experts! The Sense Risk team are then on hand to support the whole insurance process in a really friendly and jargon-free way. I literally wouldn’t do insurance any other way!

What cover can Sense Risk help with?

There are many different types of insurance your business should consider, depending on what activities your business undertakes, what assets it owns, where it is based, how many employees it has and so on.


Our HealthCheck platform will help make the process of identifying risks and mitigating them with the appropriate business insurance as straightforward as possible, providing further information on a range of policy types. Depending on your answers, you will receive information on business insurance options such as:

  • Employers Liability
  • Public/Product Liability
  • Buildings/Tenants Improvements
  • Business Equipment
  • Business Interruption
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Legal Expenses

We truly believe that those businesses that prepare for the bad as well as the good have a better chance of success, and that’s why we want to help play a part in that journey as your trusted risk and insurance advisor.

HealthCheck your business now!

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